Commercial Break: Tom, Jerry and a tiny Corsa

People, I’m ill. I’m deeply, desperately ill. Heartless cynics would describe my ailment as the Man Flu combined with a minor throat infection, but it feels much worse than that. I reckon I’ll be lucky if I make it through the night, which would make this my last ever Bitterwallet post. Goodbye, I’ve loved you all since we first met. Even though we've never met.

What has made this, probably my last day on Earth, more bearable has been sitting around with my daughter, eating ice cream and watching three hours of back-to-back Tom and Jerry cartoons. I’ve only broken away to write this because one of their stupid latter-day films has just come on, where they go off on a mission to Mars. Utter bollocks.

Thanks to my OD of T&J, I can’t really be objective about these Opel ads that the pair starred in back in the 1990s. But the sight of Jerry scooting in and out of his mouse hole driving a tiny Corsa can’t be right. Can it? Maybe I’ll have more of an idea once these hideous shivering sweats have subsided…


  • VXR
    It's a Vauxhall/Opel Nova you muppet
  • gravy
    @VXR It's both (and the numberplate is a bit of clue) [The Corsa was known in the UK market as the Vauxhall Nova]
  • al c.
    this is a Nova!!! how about a bit of research b4 publishing
  • pip
    I love Tom and Jerry! Wish i had man flu so i could stay home and watch it all day, oh wait a minute... no, will never happen, i'm a woman and just have to get on with it!
  • Nookster
    Now do a skit on some old Opel Kadett ads, so you can have posts stating that you're all wrong and it's actually an Opel Astra.
  • MattS
    Can't believe so many muppets are telling him to get 'his' facts straight and that it's a nove. I guess actually looking at the 1st second of the vid is too much to ask...
  • Chris
    I must stick up for BW here. In Europe, the Nova was known as the Corsa, wheras it was called Nova here. That is why, the first Corsa, for us in the UK, was the Corsa B, the old one the Corsa C, and now the New Corsa D
  • Yas 8.
    the vauxhall cavalier used to be opel vectra, so the first 'vauxhall' vectra was using the same name as its european sibling. it make sense ? think opel fruits / starburst (no irony, whatsoever, intended . .)
  • -=Mike H.
    Who gives a SH*IT whether it's a Nova or a Corsa, they're both *driven/raced/handbraked/wheelspunned (*Delete as applicable) round Morrisons carpark at 2 in the fucking morning by dickhead chavs thinking they look great in their mums car, when actually they look like twats!

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