Commercial Break: THIS was the age of the train

Following yesterday’s controversial story about ramped-up rail fares in the UK, here’s a look back to a simpler times – when a then-Sirless Jimmy Savile boasted of cheap-as-chips advance train trips hither and thither.

If the train itself looks slightly familiar it’s because it’s the same one that many of us are still trundling around in almost 30 years later, but hey, it’s okay, they clean them and everything.

Lovely isn’t it? And we bet you’re tempted to just drop everything right now, jump on a train and see where it takes you. Not without shedding the thick end of two hundred quid you don’t.


  • Joff
    I need to get to Leeds on a Saturday, from Peterborough but no train lands before 9am. What kind of service is that Sir Jim?
  • The B.
    Wolverhampton to Manchester is still £6.50 return, the catch being that they force you to go back, a single however is £275.

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