Commercial Break: These clowns just aren't funny enough

We like this. It’s an ad for Philips’ new Cinema TV and shows a scene of clown-based carnage. Clowns, cops, crime, carnage, all good stuff.

It’s always good to see ad people trying to be a bit daring and imaginative too, even if they usually just rip their ideas off wholesale from other creative types. The thieving scumsuckers.

There’s supposedly an enhanced version of this ad at the Philips website with ‘interactive touch points’ leading to exciting additional content. Didn’t work when we tried it though. Bugger.


  • Alan
    Awesome. And the site's working now, but the extras don't add much.
  • Kungfu
    "These clowns just aren’t funny enough" Oh..sorry thought it was a review of this website , geddit?

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