Commercial Break: There's no Smokey without fire

It’s the dry time of year when we should probably all put a stop to lighting fires in the middle of Britain’s forests – they can easily spread and cause consternation among citizens and mild tree-charring.

To reinforce the point, here’s a vintage public service ad from 1973 starring Joanna Cassidy, who makes starting a forest fire sound like the sexiest and most exciting thing in the world ever.

As we fumble hornily for a box of matches, that’s possibly not what the advertisers intended… but then it all gets a bit weird, as you’ll see.


  • Mike U.
    Fuck Me, a talking bear Thats why no ones caught Bigfoot, running around dressed like a woman!!!
  • Mike U.
    On second thoughts, probably chugging a can of Hofmeister while wearing a dodgy shine yellow jacket!!!

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