Commercial Break: There is no Commercial Break

Apologies but we have no commercial to show you today. We’d like to show you the new Radio 1 advert, but it appears that it has been held back indefinitely following fears from beleaguered station bosses that it looks too flashy and expensive.

In the current climate, and with the BBC reeling from criticism over mass overspending, the ad, which may or may not have cost a ton of dosh to make, has been shelved. So we can’t show you it.

Just to reiterate, what looked like an expensive ad (and probably was) as paid for by out licence fees, now won’t be shown, even though the money has already been spent on it. Which strikes us as being slightly bonkers, although we have been sniffing melted-down copies of the Daily Mail earlier.

So here’s Bert & Ernie miming along to M.O.P’s 'Ante Up' instead. Some bloke did it on his computer in his house and it’s probably a trillion times better than the poxy Radio 1 ad.


  • Chris
    Rofl, that was entertaining. Rap sucks, but that was well done. Wonder how many hours it took him to mash that one up...
  • acecatcher3 that ones pretty good. why are u working so late andy, is paul paying u overtime?? fancy employing a tea boy??? im ur man

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