Commercial Break: The viral that kills viruses AND music

Here’s a video that is viral in almost every sense of the word. ‘Produced’ by quacks at the Royal Free hospital in Hamsptead, it is designed to urge you to get your flu jab and avoid that particular nasty virus this winter. Sadly, it is so brain-spinningly awful that there’s a very real chance that it could infect your mind and lay you low for a week while you are afflicted with awful thoughts.

Awful though it is however, it should get people looking at it, if only to gawp and say ‘Oh… that’s truly horrible’. By then however, its message will hopefully have spread, at least more than the flu will. So everyone wins.

Except for music. Music is dead now. RIP music.


  • Mad H.
    Are these the public sector workers that Jeremy Clarkson wanted executed in front of their families? If so, he may have had a point
  • Sicknote
    Is it just me or are about 95% of these people fat / obese - if so then that's a great advert for public sector health workers. Get fit you fatties then your body will stand a better chance of fighting the flu virus without the need for me to fill you with drugs.
  • Milky
    It's shit & it's cheap, therefore it's value for money, the whole point being that medical / hospital staff are constantly exposed to bugs which seeing as they then drive home in uniforms may cross contaminate their own inadvertently through airborne based infection whilst trying to keep the rest of us healthier. It's a godawful "production" which would be a point for the daily mail types IF it was slickly produced at great cost (kerching) ..which would cost the hospital budget & ultimaytely us the taxpayer. ..therefore what's not to like? I couldn't watch it through, nor would I have any respect for time wasting management who sat staff down to watch this, theoretically this is all bread & butter knowledge to decent staff. Very little opportunity for a break (for my wifes nursing crew at least) so not surprising they eat crap when the opportunity arises, alot of it given as chocolates by patients, healthy eating in hospitals just doesn't happen. ..also what twat lets Mcdonalds set up within the hospital complex? ...twat managers adding to the problem based on immediate revenue!
  • jh1987
    Is it just me or are they calling us all wankers when they they do the flu jab action?

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