Commercial Break: The trailer that's giving us a giddy high

Is a trailer for an upcoming film technically a commercial? Of course it is, although if we started including them here on a regular basis, it would almost certainly flout the spirit of Commercial Break a wee smidgeon.

Ah well, we’re in the mood for bending the rules, and this looks like it could almost certainly be the feelgood movie of the year so here goes. It’s the next Disney/Pixar offering, ‘Up’ – a simple tale of a grouchy old man, an unwelcome boy scout and trip around the world in a flying house. What, as they say, is not to love?

Of course, there’ll also be a cavalcade of Up-related merchandising everywhere you look this summer, so if this isn’t a commercial, we’re not sure what is.


  • acecatcher3
    andy, could u please unblock my email so i can comment on my email address please, if i try to send a message thru my hotmail, it goes thru but no message shows, thanks luke
  • Lumoruk
    Looks good, shame I won't be able to discuss it with acecatcher3
  • acecatcher3
    ps i saw watchmen on fri - avoid like the plague!!! shud have gone to see benjamin button instead :(
  • “I’m B.
    [...] of wood, they refuse to budge. It happens – in fact it’s the starting point of the plot of Disney/Pixar’s forthcoming ‘Up’ [...]

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