Commercial Break: The return of Warren G - and the G is for 'getting it up'

Yesterday, we brought you a job advert for an intern position with the Wu-Tang Clan. Which naturally got us wondering what had become of Warren G, the one hit wonder rapper from the mid 1990s. Maybe he's looking for an intern too? Or a driver or a gardener?

Actually no. He's busy sitting on the bog and reading the paper, while occasionally handing out male enhancement pills to blokes who can't achieve erectile majesty. That's what they call it, isn't it...?


  • Alex
    I thought he was dead.....?
  • Alex
    whoops - that was nate dogg who is dead.
  • SixPac
    Yea, not Warren Dogg - Nate Dogg! Silly you.
  • Zleet
    I only buy medication endorsed by failed 90's rappers.

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