Commercial Break - The Rainbow Nation that is Red House Furniture

There may be a black man in the White House but racial divisions are still everywhere you look. Except at the Red House furniture store.

Their latest ad is probably the most important thing to happen to race relations since Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney recorded Ebony & Ivory on that big piano in the early 80s.

If you watch this ad and don’t want to immediately go out and hug the first white/black (delete as appropriate) person that you see, then frankly, you belong in the KKK/Black Panthers militant wing (delete as appropriate).


  • Lumoruk
    North Carolina.... most racist state in America, you can just sense the unease at which these white folk are working
  • Mike
    I've spent some time in NC, and it definately isn't the most racist state in America. That advert is frickin' hilarious though!
  • Mike H.
    How long till, B.A.Barackass Obama has his house repainted?
  • Martin
    There is an extended version where after they say "and Hispanic people too", they say "but no fucking chinks".
  • Green C.
    The black panthers are in no way comparable to the KKK - a better group to use (better as in they are actually racist/black supremacist) would've been the "United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors" or the "Nation of Yahweh". (and probably even NoI/NBPP). The Black Panthers did so much for the poor of the USA (and not just black people, although that was their original primary motive).
  • Commercial B.
    [...] the success of their brilliant, racism-shattering Red House Furniture ad from earlier in the year, they’re running a competition where local companies can be nominated [...]

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