Commercial Break: The portable shower that's bog-standard... but in a good way!

If you’re a businessman who travels constant and often, you’ve probably learned to live with the fact that ordinary people are repelled by your lumbering, sweat-drenched frame wherever you go.

It’s not your fault, there’s just nowhere where you can shower in a hurry. Worry no longer – here’s an ad for the Urinal Shower. Just plug into a flushable urinal anywhere and off you go.

Awesome! Another great job from the good people at Cinco, led by pioneers Tim and Eric.


  • Wilko
    yeah, gonna have to get me one of those ::sigh::
  • Tom P.
    Can i get one of these in B&Q?
  • Nobby
    No doubt he sleeps on the shitter.
  • Amanda H.
    Didn't you post this a few weeks ago?
  • Mike H.
    Are you taking the piss?

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