Commercial Break: The only man in Britain with no money worries

We’d always wondered about just who was behind the shady-sounding CreditExpert online service – were they just a barking-mad bunch of ruffians who slapped some random ticks and crosses all over our credit file, making it a lottery as to whether we could get a loan for that new quad bike?

Thankfully not – turns out it’s all in the hands of one impossibly smooth aristocrat, who spends his days out hunting for abnormally-large truffles and sipping drinks laced with ice from the moon.

Then there’s the giant house, the oriental manservant and the quiet contemplation as he jabs away at his olde-worlde Bontempi keyboard harpsichord. Bliss.

We’re don’t know about CreditExpert, but we reckon if you live your life according to the gospel preached here at Bitterwallet and HotUKDeals, you too could live in a house like this…


  • The B.
    Pah, Experian are scum.
  • BobF
    Reminds me of some I saw quite frequently on my recent visit to the US. Theyre all pretty much the same, some guy who goes to get something with credit and finds hes a dud, and then goes on about how he should have gone to the website first. Im not quite sure what the objective is tbh, I just figure its "get a free credit report, so you dont bother even trying to get credit"
  • Junkyard
    That suave chappy had me totally convinced, but then at the end it said "from Experian" and I vomited over my monitor. Copiously. And repeatedly.
  • Alan P.
    I really didn't expect Martin Lewis to be able to play a harpsichord. Well, you live and learn.

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