Commercial Break: The online dating ad that will make you want to cut off your reproductive organs

Online dating – a murky world where people post the most flattering pictures of themselves from a range of 30,000,000,000,000 shit ones before describing themselves in the most flattering way they can imagine. Lying though their teeth, essentially. In the end, no one is happy.

Or perhaps we’re being unnecessarily pessimistic again. Maybe have got it right with their latest ad – it shows us a man and a woman, their eyes meeting across the railway lines, a spark quickly turning into a flame, the burning flame of LOVE.

In truth the only flames we’d like to see would be ones lapping around his fucking ukelele...


  • Jeebus
    What is ironic that decides to spend so much money showing people meeting (and him pulling a rather attractive girl to boot) without their overpriced service.
  • Zleet
    If I did that it would probably come across a lot more rapey and need a rhyme for chloroform.
  • The B.
    Jesus, that's Sutton station, you never find 2 people even remotely as attractive as that in Sutton, certainly not with thumbs anyway.
  • SgtMunky
    I love this advert, she's a stunner but wished she didn't step out of character as the train approaches at the end.. This reminds me of how I met my girlfriend too... although I play guitar, not pathetic ukeleleleleleleee
  • Kip
    I prefer this advert over the vomit inducing - 'I like... old movies.. like the Godfather....3' etc. advert they had last year. Good point about advertising people actually meeting in real life, rather than using their site :)
  • Kevin
    If you did these things in real life you'd get a slap at the least the police called at worst. These arenot people who would use Match, they are people that hook up with each other at some friends party or wedding after too much alcohol.

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