Commercial Break: The M&M pretzel - worse than an ocean full of oil?

Here in the UK, we’ve never taken to the pretzel with the same rabid fervour as our peculiar cousins in the US of America. They’re alright – we can comfortably snack away on one or two of the things but eventually you realise that there are about 30,000 other snacks out there that are infinitely preferable to the dry, tasteless nothingness that is the pretzel.

Now, in what must surely be seen by the rest of the international community as an act of aggression, the Americans have taken the pretzel and put it inside an M&M. Chocolate M&Ms – fine, although not as good as the Smartie. Peanut M&Ms – even better but not as good as peanut Treets (although we still yearn HARD for the return of the toffee Treet).

Anyway, the pretzel M&M - all we're saying is that they’d better not try any of that weird stuff over here. Americans – sick freaks, all of them. Oh, and yes, we know that the pretzel is German in origin - but you don't see them stuffing one into a perfectly good sweet do you?


  • Coversnail
    Sounds grim - BBLLEEUURRRGHHH!!!
  • -]
    The best thing about visiting germany is the epic pretzel selection. Mmmmm, giant soft bread pretzels... M&M = shit M&M with pretzels still = shit. Pretzel = win!
  • Nobby
    One question. Mouth or arse?
  • Dani
    PRETZEL FLIPS. I loved them. Sorry to be controversial. But it's that sweet and savoury/salty taste. yumyum.
  • Al
    Mmmm.... Pretzel Flips. You used to be able to buy them in the UK about 10 years ago advertised by Ulrika Jonsson. It's amazing how well Chocolate and Salt go together. My wife liked them too. Hang on.... Chocolate.... Salt..... Chocolate spread over my man parts....... Oh glory days the wife will love it!!!
  • Perv
    "One question. Mouth or arse?" Vagina, probably.

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