Commercial Break: The manliest man in the kingdom of mandom

Men! Listen! With Valentines Day just a few hours away (well, if you regard about 60 as a few) the pressure is on to show your woman just how much you love her.

But, if you fail to rise to the challenge, there’s every chance that the man from this Old Spice will knock on your door, throw your woman over his shoulder, smack her on the arse and then lead her away to a life of romance, excitement and shiny things.

Watch and learn, and then do everything you can to raise your game. This is exactly what all women want and if they disagree, it just proves that they’re the liars we always knew they were.


  • Joff
    Oh FFS, now I need some Old Spice. Curse my weakness for advertising.
  • Nobby
    Forget Old Spice (insert joke about Geri Halliwell here), the chicks dig this stuff ...
  • Rob
    Nah, the ladies love Sex Panther ... ... at least 60% of them do ...
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