Commercial Break: The man with the golden voice is still alive

Let’s send you into the weekend with some remembering. Remember Ted Willams, the homeless Ohio hobo with the velvet larynx? A year ago, he was living on the streets, smoking crack and not doing very many advert voiceovers. In fact, he was doing none – it was almost all about the smoking of the crack.

But then he got discovered by a TV news crew and within a few days he’d had a wash and was advertising macaroni cheese – the American dream writ large. But twelve months on, where is he now? Back in a ditch, with his lips locked around the pipe again? NO! He’s fine, kind of (there’s been a few stabs at rehab but he’s clean at the moment). He’s living in a condo, has got a walk-in wardrobe and everything’s fine and dandy. EVERYTHING’S COMING UP TED!

He still needs to bring back the old hairstyle though.


  • DragonChris
    Good for him :) Vid got a bit repetitive, but nonetheless a nice story, I remember it from last year.
  • Mike H.
    So, it was thanks to smoking crack that got him a job? kids have been smoking crack for years and still haven't got jobs!

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