Commercial Break: The love between a man and his car will never die

If you’re of a certain age (and, let’s face it, probably a man), this ad from Chevrolet will possibly make your heart hurt a little bit. It’s the tale of an old man who is reunited with his beloved 1965 Chevrolet, as hunted down by his son.

Will future generations feel the same way as this about a Toyota Avensis? Maybe, maybe not. Right, this writer is now off try and track down his dad’s old 1976 Triumph Toledo....


  • Steve
    Heh, cool. I wonder where my dad's Vauxhall Velox PB is...
  • zeddy
    It's a bloody advert!
  • Kevin
    Unfortunately his father did die of a heart attack the next morning
  • crusher
    Like most of my generation I used to stack my cars, so none exist any more. One I rolled, two were stacked into a traffic jams (and on each of those occasions I took out two or three other cars too), others met similar ends. Even the company car I had was stacked. But I had such fun! And I wont ever have to make do with a twenty or thirty year old rust bucket that my son got back for me:-)
  • markw
    TEN MPG.

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