Commercial Break: the Korean doll that trumps the competition

Hey Japan - your domination of the world of unusual, unsettling products and advertising is being threatened - by the Koreans!

Say hello the farting doll - spoon-feed her some of the special food that you get with it and within seconds she'll be blasting some arse gas like a deranged docker. Hmmm, looks like she craps into her special toilet as well. How delightful!

Where next for the realistic doll genre - a diabetic one? A 56-stone bed-ridden shut-in one? Over to you, Japan...


  • oliverreed
    Don't forget they still sell that dog that you feed and pick up it's shit here as a game - this doll has potential.
  • WillyWonka
    She seems to come with that famous Japanese desert: Penis with bananas, strawberries and milk.
  • Dick
    At 0:15, there is some mighty suck on it. Where does the yellow thing go? I reckon this could be hacked as a cheap BJ machine.

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