Commercial Break: The hotel where the owner speaks the language of every guest

Here is a Rhett & Link advert for a cat hotel. You’d have nothing to worry about if you left your furry friend here while you went off on holiday. That’s because the proprietor speaks the language of cats. It doesn’t actually sound the same as the noise that any cat that has ever lived has ever made, but let’s not worry too much about that.

She also reads their minds, which is helpful if you’re going to have a stab at speaking to them. She shows off her prowess during the ad, and you know what, when you look at those feline faces, they’re almost certainly feeling the stuff that she claims is spewing out of their tiny minds. Especially the stuff about getting high…

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  • Listen K.
    I like to climb on things and get high, just like Kelly. This is the place for me!

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