Commercial Break: The Brooke Shields Doll. No, Really.

Brooke Shields is/was a moderately famous actress who has somehow clung on to the frayed thread of a career for over 30 years. It’s inexplicable, as is the fact that, in the early 1980s, she had her own commercially-available doll…

God only knows what the UK 2008 equivalent would be… a Fern Britton doll maybe? Look – its waistline expands and contracts at the flick of a switch. One moment she’s spewing salt tears of self-loathing, the next she’s stuffing a cream cake into her gob, the next she’s getting a gastric band fitted.


  • Dave
    Are you really allowd to use copyright material on here.... I don't think so.
  • Andy D.
    Hi Dave, Thanks for your concerns. In this case, it's an embedded YouTube clip, so technically, we're not actually hosting it. If the copyright holder asks YouTube to remove it, it would automatically be removed from our site too. In the case of a 25-year old ad for a Brooke Shields doll, I somehow think it is unlikely!!! Ha ha ha, LOL ROFL, LMAO!!! Are you studying copyright law? Maybe there might be a job for you at Bitterwallet one day in a clearance/legal capacity. In the meantime, chin up crimefighter! Andy

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