Commercial Break: The Beatles are coming - borrow some wheels!

As we might have mentioned elsewhere, it’s National Spotify Day, as the very excellent music streaming service comes to the iPhone and Google’s Android platform.

But among the tunes you WON’T be able to listen to are those by The Beatles – the Fab Two and the Widows Of The Dead Fab Two haven’t grasped the whole digital thing yet, and are on the brink of releasing remasters of their back catalogue on CD instead.

Which explains the surfeit of Beatles stuff all over the media at the moment, including the film of their first US tour from 1964 that was on BBC2 on Saturday night.

Check out this 45 year old ad for a cinema telecast of the moptops’ debut US shows. Look, they’re on the same bill as The Beach Boys! Listen, to the fab, groovy fake-as-a-cheap-Beatle-wig voiceover (“Like WOW! The Beatles! Aren't they the swingin' livin' end? Ya dig, chick?”
“I dig, Chuck!)

All these years later and it’s all approximately a million times more exciting than, say, the new effort from the Arctic Monkeys, their shoulder-length hair and their new moody direction. Give us teen hysteria any day. Right, bollocks to Spotify, we’re off to listen to Help!


  • DirtyPixel
    I wish everyone would just fuck off with The Beatles overload. Massively overrated then and now.
  • TeeJay
    The Beatles are getting old! People need to lay off them now...

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