Commercial Break: The airborne American founder who's also handy with a plunger

Whenever you think of plumbing, which of America’s founding fathers springs immediately to mind? Thomas Jefferson? Caesar Rodney? Button Gwinnett? Don’t be so ridiculous – it’s obviously Benjamin Franklin.

That must be why the plumbing firm in this ad named themselves after the great man. Plus, it created an opportunity for Franklin to rise from the dead and rock out on stage with some of the plumbers, repeatedly singing the company’s phone number in an authoritative baritone style.

We didn’t know the fucker could FLY though…


  • Junkyard
    That's nothing compared to what Washington can do.
  • thingy
    sure you know the song is a cover - 867-5309 is a song from tommy tutone. so the number ties in nicely. can't remember if he flew though....
  • Nobby
    Wasn't he in the American Office?

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