Commercial Break: The advert that killed Michael Jackson

This bizarre and extreme piece of footage has spewed out all over the web over the past 12 hours so we don’t see why we shouldn’t find a place for it in our own small corner of the internets.

Hailing from 1984 and released for the very first time courtesy of Us magazine, it’s taken from the Pepsi ad shoot where a pyrotechnic accident led to Michael Jackson’s hair catching fire. Most of us have heard descriptions of the incident over the years and have a image in our minds of how it must have looked, but it’s almost certainly an image that doesn’t tally with what really happened.

In truth, this is the moment when Jacko’s slow, terminal decline as an artist and a human being began. The painkillers he needed after picking up second and third degree burns here became the only constant during the second half of his life.

We’re not saying for a minute that if this hadn’t happened, Jacko would have settled down with a wife and three kids in a scene of ordinary domestic bliss, mowing the lawn at weekends and sharing the occasional beer with the neighbours. But this accident fucked the man up good and proper.

We’ll try and find a funny ad for you tomorrow. Promise.


  • Dave S.
    Excuse the profanity but, fuck me a video I can actually watch! Great thanks for that BW, always wanted to see wackos gerry curl go up in smoke, shamone motherfunster, hee-hee. Did he sue Pepsi over this?
  • Tom P.
    Weird, he doesn't even notice he's on fire.
  • Nobby
    > We’ll try and find a funny ad for you tomorrow. That was funny enough, thanks.
  • SimbaK2K
    Thats crazy. He just carrys on dancing away until he realises his face is melting away and goes into a mad panic.
  • Stuart
    Somebody's head on fire regardless of who it is, is about as funny as aids, you cocks
  • Bullet
    Never seen that before, mental Six takes, it's like they were trying to set him on fire. He must have had some amont of hairspray on, went up like a bush fire.
  • The B.
    Yep, you can pretty much pinpoint that as the moment when he went from slightly eccentric idol into full on fruitcake, he had his hair tattooed onto the burn tissue on the sid eof his face.
  • Name (.
    Does one of them stamp on him to try and put it out? Natural reaction.
  • Laughing B.
    LMAO at Stuart.... Fanboi whaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Nobby
    Wouldn't have happened with Coca Cola.
  • choc-chic
    The more I see & hear of MJ's life, the sorrier I feel for him :o(
  • P E.
    yep, I agree with Nobby
  • Shooter M.
    I hope he wasn't singing Disco Inferno
  • ali
    is it just me but when he does that spin does he spin so fast that it puts the fire out and then everyone jumped on him stamping out the fire
  • Martin
    I used to prefer Coke but I'm Pepsi all the way from now.
  • The E.
    so he burns his hair...then decides to go white ?
  • Zavoranu
    Your Music Legacy will live on forever.

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