Commercial Break: The acceptable face of piracy

Aaaarrrrrrrhhhhh! Ooooooohhhh! Shiver me timbers and buckle me swash! Don’t forget – it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day tomorrow.

If you’re not sure how a pirate should talk, just watch this American advert and try and copy the pirates that are featured therein. You probably won’t see a more accurate portrayal of the scourge of the high seas than this.

No need to thank us – it’s what we do. As they taught us in blog school – always end the week with your strongest story…


  • Bodger B.
    What a crock of arrrrse.
  • Maude
    That "walk the plank" scene would not pass a British risk assessment.
  • G. T.
    You fight like a dairy farmer!
  • Tim
    Went to our competitors and got......??? What's he say? Sounds like "boobed" :?
  • The B.
    The acceptable face of piracy:

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