Commercial Break: The £200k can of pop that Bernard couldn't swallow

It’s happy birthday today to Bernard Sumner, singer with one of the greatest and most influential groups of the late 20th century, the mighty New Order.

But Bernard is 54 now, New Order have only made two new albums since 1993 and his new group, Bad Lieutenant, aren’t much cop. He’s probably regretting the time he knocked back £200k from Sunkist for re-recording the vocals to Blue Monday,

Yes, he even went as far as recording the vocals, but in the end the idea of taking a timeless piece of music and using it to flog orangey pop was just too much to bear. Thankfully we can all hear Barney's efforts and cringe at the horror of it all…


  • The B.
    And he didn't have the decency to punch Caroline "annoying drunk twat" Ahern in the face.
  • Barney R.
    @ The Read Bob - It was Hooky, not Bernard, that married Mrs Merton you fool!
  • John S.
    Shanks here. I don't think that advert sounds too bad actually. And, if you are interested, Mrs Shanks pointed out that the video is compiled from footage taken from the 'Touched By The Hand of God' video, which was itself a mockery of rock videos.
  • Andy D.
    @ Shanks. Mrs Shanks is correct. I'm not sure if that's the actual ad or a version that was cobbled together for the NewOrderStory documentary where it appeared. Can't imagine Sunkist would imagine that a some spoof cock-rock footage would be the best way to sell their drinks.
  • Andy D.
    Also, the lyrics are no worse than the lazy 'moon/spoon/June' shite that Barney has been knocking out over the past decade and a half or so. He's still ace though.
  • The B.
    Barney Rubble, I'm aware it was Mr Hook who punched her in the face, hence my saying "he didn’t have the decency" notice the DIDN'T? Ironic really as you called me the READ Bob, who's the one with problems reading?

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