Commercial Break: That T-Mobile singalong in full

If you haven’t seen the new T-Mobile advert yet, it’s a follow-up to the dance-athon that took place in London’s Liverpool Street station. This time though, it’s a singalong, with 13,500 people howling their way through Hey Jude in Trafalgar Square and this is the full-length version.

Call us a bunch of Walter Softies or worse if you like, but the sight of thousands of people gathered together and singing their hearts out for no discernible reason other than ‘because for’ fills our hearts with glee. Though it might be because we all follow woefully underachieving football teams, and we never get a chance to sing when we’re winning.

Here’s what we want - scrap the lottery as it stands and only sell tickets for the draw at alfresco karaoke sessions like this one. Turn up, belt out a classic song and then you can have your ticket. Even if none of your numbers come up, you’ve still had some fresh air and some lung exercise. And we’ll all be richer because of it.


  • Starbollocks
    You can make swathes of the public sing and dance bu the fact is their network coverage is pretty poor! And the way they claim to give you '£70 of minutes' etc rather than define the no. of minutes is infuriating. To me they are still One-2-No-one
  • Ian
    Yuck, enough with the postmodernist advertising. I'm quite traditional. Even if I am not being told about the benefits of the product, at least give me something that will build value to the brand. Don't just do something and expect me to be entertained and thus reward the company by buying their product. Yes Cadbury's, I'm talking to you too.
  • Suitors B.
    [...] it was the dancing. Then, it was the singing. Now, it’s time to find a partner, and arrange a shotgun [...]
  • 10n116
    the same day everyone in my family on t-mobile got a text saying that there new advert was going to be aired after x-factor at 9pm an advert for an advert lol
  • Mr.
    Funny how O2, Vodafone, Orange etc. customers are in a T-Mobile advert. Surely they aren't all on T-Mobile.

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