Commercial Break: Tense situation comfortably defused in sofa store

You know those signs you increasingly see in shops about how anti-social behaviour from customers will not be tolerated? CSL Sofas need a massive one, because in this ad they’ve got a very edgy customer who needs a sofa and he fucking well needs it next week. Witness how he encroaches on the sales assistant, forcing him to back-pedal, possibly towards the panic alarm button.

But the trained assistant does well and placates the maniac by claiming he’ll get him his sofa the day after tomorrow. Nice one. Then he hits him with the classic move to pull against an aggressive stranger – weird him the fuck out. Never fails. Good work son.


  • Alexis
    Slightly less bad than the current DFS one. The one that explains the concept of a SHOP. Duh.
  • Panic W.
    [...] age range for the Panic Alarm Button is open to anyone pressurised with a hectic life![/amazon_link][amazon_link id="B000YL7GDO" target="_blank" locale="US" container="" container_class="" ]The Panic ... that screams out panic sounds and phrases when you press it! The Dimensions of the Panic Alarm [...]

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