Commercial Break: Take Courage Britain for Chas & Dave are no more

We like to think that our daily Commercial Break featurette occasionally acts as a barometer for the nation, gauging the mood of the public at large and then reflecting it back to them. Okay, a barometer with a mirror built into it. The reason we like to think that is because we go around the place with our heads stuffed right up our arses, prancing about, all full of our own self-importance. But you knew that anyway.

But today, Commercial Break is that barometer. With some kind of mirror in it. That’s because the nation is as one, grieving over the end of one of popular music’s most enduring partnerships. We speak, of course, of Chas & Dave, who are no more. The cockney singalong duo are going their separate ways after something like 75 years together and that makes us feel uncomfortable, alone and afraid.

So here comes a compilation of three Courage Bitter ads from the mid-1990s that were soundtracked by Messrs Peacock and Hodges, with rearranged versions of a trio of their biggest hits.



  • Bollard
    Impressed to see that Chas & Dave are the No. 3 top search on after Christina Aguilera (fair enough) and Nicola Roberts (the ginger one? who are these people?!)
  • SJT
    This would have been a better video to link to: RIP Chaz n Dave
    • Andy D.
      @SJT I can't listen to Snooker Loopy ever since I heard this remix of it....
  • Axeman
    Yesterday, their official site said that Dave hadn't actually decided to retire (contrary to news reports), but was just taking an extended break from touring. It also had info of how Chas was touring instead, with his own band. The post has gone today though, so perhaps they've decided to carry on anyways... Who knows!
  • Brian
    Hi Brian here. What, exactly, does "Courage Bitter" taste like?

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