Commercial Break: T-Mobile turn into parking pranksters

Traffic wardens – what a shower of bastards they are. A fact that is hammered home in T-Mobile’s new ‘viral’ advert or whatever the frigging sod they call these things these days.

It’s nothing original – everyone hates traffic wardens and there’s nothing more certain to light our personal fireworks than getting a ticket slapped on our windscreens by these parking parasites. But it’s executed brilliantly and you’ll cry like it’s the sad bit in Titanic when the poor victims realise they’ve actually been had all along. Probably.


  • Paul C.
    Jeremy Beadle must be rolling in his grave that he missed this trick.
  • @liyywln
    £10 is a bit stingy to be honest and it looks incredibly staged
  • Alexis
    Yep, staged as anything. If there was a tenner inside you'd just say he was weird and saunter off. Or keep quiet in case he had made some sort of nutty but genuine mistake. You wouldn't leap up and down and hug him.
  • Adam
    they did this to Alex Reid in Shepherds Bush as i was driving past, he looked like a massive tool.
  • Phil76
    Here's hoping for the hilarious out-takes where irate motorists kick the shit out of the actors before they get a chance to explain it's a joke

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