Commercial Break: Sugar never got sweeter than the hi-fi home studio

Well, it’s all over on The Apprentice and Yasmina is Sir Alan’s new… er, well, apprentice isn’t it? After slogging her way through the ‘process’ and swatting aside a dozen morons and a couple of genuinely credible candidates, she can now look forward to a bright future within the Amstrad organisation.

Yasmina gets to turn her back on her thriving restaurant business and help sell tellies filled with adverts to hospitals and GPs’ surgeries. Yes, mmm, great that, well done love. Now we can all find out we’ve got a serious illness while being subtly nudged in the direction of a brilliant new oven cleaner.

For this writer, Sugar has been on a downward spiral since the mid-1980s, when he came up with this – a hi-fi that was also a four-track recording studio. As a teenage wannabe musician, getting my hands on one of these would be my fast-track to fame, fortune and something else beginning with ‘f’ that would inevitably be bad for me.

Thankfully, the price tag of £299 was well beyond the means of my parents – in fact back then, £299 would get you a basic, but fully operational Cruise missile. But, as poor Yasmina is probably saying to herself right now, there’s no point in looking back.


  • Francis R.
    Isn't it handy, then, that Sugar, doesn't have to pay her salary, and the 'beeb' A.K.A the license payer, foots the bill innit?
  • Jill
    Really? Says who.
  • acecatcher3
    thought alan sugar sold amstrad??
  • amusing-name
    Seriously is that true that the wages come from the Beeb? If so that is outrageous and I can feel a very strong 'why o why o why o why ...' type email to the beeb coming on.
  • Francis R.
    Talkback, i.e. the BBC, i.e. you and me, pay the salary from the production costs, if after a year, the Apprentice remains with Sugar, he pays his salary, albeit a reduced one.
  • megohm
    And I remember the Amstrad loudspeaker that had a pretty horn diffuser on the outside- but no horn inside - a con, just for show. I vowed never to knowingly buy anything from Sugar. The leopard doesn't change it;s spots.
  • Jill
    Francis - Where did you get that information from? I can't find it anywhere.
  • mark
    BUT... he doesn't take anything from the programme himself- SAS's fee goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital. I like this about him :)
  • Uncle T.
    Lord Sugar stuffed us shareholders when he bought out Viglen for next to nothing
  • Trevor J.
    We actually recorded a demo on one of those.
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