Commercial Break: Sud off your pervert bubbles!

Today’s ad is for some American campaign for some kind of new law or something but more importantly, it serves as a warning about perverted bubbles that could be lurking in your bathroom.

They’re part of the residue that is left behind by some bathroom cleaning products and as you can see from this, they get their jollies from watching you rubbing yourself clean in the mornings.

Filthy little cleaning bastards. Hats off to Natalie Imbruglia for getting her kit off for the ad though…



  • Nobby
    Natalie Imbruglia has blue/grey eyes, not brown. Not that I have spent ages wanking over pictures of her, or anything like that.
  • Name (.
    That's just weird. They're transparent bubbles, but when they open their mouths there's a tongue, teeth and darkness inside, like their mouths are gateways to another dimension... Also, I think she looks more like Alyssa Milano or Teri Hatcher than Natalie Imbruglia. But witha hint of Melvyn Hayes too.
  • Nobby
    The cloaking of the bubbles is down to metamaterials with negative refractive indices.
  • Mel
    As long as they're complimentary, I wouldn't mind them watching at all.

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