Commercial Break: Strange Danes indeed...

A few months the weirdos at the Danish tourist board made a strange promotional video for their fair land. In it, a young mum (or MILF if you’re that way inclined) made an appeal for the father of her young daughter to come forward and make himself known.

You see, he was a tourist and he’d knocked the young woman up after they’d met in a bar and got royally hammered together. The message seemed to be – “Come to Denmark and meet our beautiful, loose, drunken women” and the ad was pulled after a few days.

Now they’ve gone a step further and recruited controversial film director Lars Von Trier to make a new set of tourism ads. Von Trier has made his name through films such as The Idiots, a spoof documentary about people who get away from it all by releasing their ‘inner idiots’ and pretending they’re mentally disabled. Nice.

As you’d expect, the director hasn’t pulled any punches and the short films that he has made (included in this news report) are fairly unsettling at times – watch with caution…

[Thanks to the Danish branch of the Onion News Network for the news report]


  • Annie L.
    This is just the strangest thing ever. I'm Danish and this doesn't make any sense to me either....
  • Yahoo S.
    Watch the Idiots Andy and don't just take someone elses description as read. Or just don't reference what you don't know anything about at all.
    • Andy D.
      @Yahoo - I saw The Idiots in the cinema when it came out. What's your point?
  • Pedant
    Heh, i love the onion
  • Andy D.
    Ah, it wasn't a spoof doco was it. That's the Dogme thing for you.
  • snoogans81
    Jesus, I was worrying that was real until that thing about hand grenades at the end! And if it is somehow real . . . . I have a camera phone, I'd have done this for 10 million euros . . . Beat that Von Trier you pretentious douche!
  • Yahoo S.
  • Cigarette B.
    [...] mad ads in Denmark (albeit spoof ones) to mad ads in France. Worryingly, these ones are for [...]

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