Commercial Break: Splattered kids helping to save penguins' lives

4 October 2010

This one’s fantastic if you’re a hardcore fan of The X Files, The Tottenham Hotspurs, or just enjoy seeing children being blown up in the most graphic way imaginable.

It’s a fairly NSFW promotional film for the 10:10 campaign, whose aim is to promote the cutting of carbon emissions by ten per cent per year, starting now, in 2010. They’re doing that here by showing dissenters being eliminated with explosives (which may or may not be a source of carbon, we haven’t done enough research on it.) All of which will stop penguins from dying, we hope.

But there’s been some hoo-ha and many people are said to have complained, leading to the film being removed from the 10:10 website and an apology issued. But the 10:10 people are happy for it to be shown elsewhere.

All in all, it means lots of free publicity for the campaign, which probably wouldn’t have happened if the ad showed Mrs McClusky from Grange Hill reminding everyone to unplug their tellies at night. So, job done then…


  • Bored
    Mad eco-facists. Believe in our (unfounded / shaky) belief or we'll blow you and your kids up. Now, where have I heard this before? Check (for example): (I'm sure they'll be more like this parodying other religions soon...)
  • Alexis
    Fair play to them. About time they started issuing threats instead of namby pamby stories of homeless polar bears to make you cry. Thing is, I feel the urge to rev my car a little bit more on the way home as a way of cancelling out some brainwashed do-gooder's efforts as a direct result of this shite.

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