Commercial Break: Someone shoot this cracker addict

In a piece of news that we have to admit we weren’t exactly expecting, as of next year, it will be legal to shoot problem parakeets in the UK. We’ve never even seen a parakeet apart from in a show once in Lanzarote where one of them rode a little bicycle around a stage, so it’s hard to see how the new ruling can be justified.

Man/parrot hybrids, on the other hand, are a different matter altogether. One of them crops up in these new Canadian ads for Vinta crackers. We’d certainly like to shoot this annoying, selfish bastard through that thing just above the beak that might be a nose.

Yep, we’d blast him alright, if only to get a place in line with his mighty fine lady. Can’t she see that he’s a complete and utter knob? Gah, women with man/parrot hybrid boyfriends - what the hell’s the matter with them?


  • The B.
    The bastards are all over Sarf Lundun, they hang around in gangs and beat up the sparrahs when they come outa school.
  • applesux
    She is hot!
  • zeddy
    He's asking her to look at his cockatoo.

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