Commercial Break: Some old-fashioned hoofing

What’s that? A new advert with tap-dancing cows in it? On a ferociously slow news day? Hell yeah! Thanks Cadburys!


  • wonky h.
    anyone would think that there is an election going on or something. LALAS.
  • Pedant
  • milky
    I came on here expecting a repetetive wonky henry fox bumming line. Is wonky henry in A&E or suffering delirium from receiving bites, scratches & infection from reluctant foxes? I fucking hope so as he's evidently a retard who thinks so much repetition is funny. WH you are not harry hill or any actual remotely amusing comedian of note. you are probably 23 and living at home with your mum who would be upset if she knew about your wasted education or predeliction for foxes & bumming.

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