Commercial Break: So bottled water makes you stronger than Superman does it?

Here in the UK, we have fairly strict rules surrounding advertising, so that unlikely claims aren’t made about products possessing powers that they clearly don’t have. It stops us from getting confused and copying what we see in the ads.

Seems that things aren’t the same in France. Here’s a couple of new ads for Vittel bottled water and the message here seems to be that a quick slug of the stuff will give you the power to be able to lift both horses and houses without breaking sweat.

Maybe the French version of Vittel has some hidden ingredients that the Blighty-based drink doesn’t contain. Essence of Popeye’s spinach or astronaut steroids?

Either way, don’t try it at home kids. Unless you live in a tent or your horse is on wooden rockers and only clip-clops when you press the button on its ear.

EDIT : Some odd horse-racing news. Today's 12.40 at Lingfield was won by Full Toss and first past the post in the 12.50 at Sandown was Spunk. What is going on???



  • Ted S.
    I had £10 on Spunk. A happy finish involved for all.
  • paolo
    Excellent - this gives me a chance to get this off my chest... Strict rules around advertising? My f*@kin arse. What about SKINNY WATER? How the [email protected]*k can they get away with it!? To quote their advertising campaign - "SKINNY WATER. A low-calorie water". A low calorie water? WTF!? I'm surprised this has never came up on BW before...
    • Andy D.
      @Paolo -
  • Watch W.
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