Commercial Break: Smoking isn't for heroes

Earlier today, we posed the question ‘Should smokers be paid to quit?’ It’s one way of looking at the situation. Maybe the government need to come down harder on the suckers of cancer sticks – we could cut off their fingers or stitch up their lips to help them quit their filthy habit.

Perhaps we could incorporate some kind of Russian roulette / Charlie And The Chocolate Factory element to it all – get the government to add Semtex to five random cigarettes dotted around the UK. Smoke one and you’ll go up like a rocket on Bonfire Night. Unfortunately.

Sod it – let’s just give everyone a six-month deadline to pack in the tabs and if they don’t, send Superman round and he can do to them what he did to Nick O’Teen in this 1981 ad. Problem solved.


  • me
    ok thats the ciggie crowd dealt with tomorow we'll hit the fat pie eating bastards and fri we can do motorists an d their feelthy fumes... btw what has this to do with anything consumerish?
  • him
    Stinky breathed shop attendants?
  • Me
    Why stop em? If they're daft enough to carry on, so be it. Think of all the tax they'll be looking at the rest of us for if they're not getting it from ciggie sales....
  • We ought to be encouraging people who smoke to do so more often. We can only benefit by their doing so in the taxes it generates as well as their shortened lifespan, which leads to less, yes less, healthcare expenses over the longterm. Smoke em if ya got em!

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