Commercial Break: Single Ladies get the Brazilian treatment

Thankfully, the World Cup is just around the corner and the inevitable flood of clever, original and funny advertising connected to the tournament is on its way. Or nowhere to be seen – depends on how you look at these things.

Here’s three Brazil players, Robinho, Neymar and Ganso with their footballistical take on Beyonce’s seminal Single Ladies video. Samba skills galore and we’re already going slightly misty around the eyeballs in anticipation of the month-long feast of footy that starts in three weeks time.

Here, by way of a comparison, is the Beyonce original. As ‘raycheese1’ says on YouTube, “wow...shes a slut. and that dancing makes it look like shes having a seizure.xD lmao ...think of all the little girls who_ love her. theyre gonna grow up to be whores. we all know shes going to hell.”



  • Nobby
    Carlsberg had an advert produced starring Ronaldinho - probably the best bottle-opening teeth in the world. Obviously shelved now he's staying at home.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] ads that will inevitably appear before and during the ‘feast of football’ by bringing you three Brazilians having a ball-juggling bash at Beyonce’s Single Ladies. It was [...]

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