Commercial Break: Shatner triumphs over own evil twin, man gets cheap hotel room

4 March 2010

We imagine that one of the reasons you tootled your internet machine over to this site is because you’re more than a little partial to a bargain. Now imagine how good you’d feel if you had William bloody Shatner on your side whenever it came to striking a deal.

That’s his role in this new US ad for Priceline – although he doesn’t do himself any favours by cutting a Shatner-shaped hole in the side of some bloke’s house before chipping in with some cash-saving advice.

But, the Star Trek legend does defeat his own evil twin (replete with evil beard) in the process. It all ends with the bemused punter getting 50% off the price of a hotel room and the rest of us getting an insight into how the internal dialogue that is permanently going on inside William Shatner’s mind might sound…


  • zeedy
    I've seen the follow up where Leonard Nimoy comes along, does the Vulcan deathgrip thing and make the guy his bitch. Priceline didn't like it though.
  • Nobby
    Does it allow you to search for hotels with pools?

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