Commercial Break: Serious business in the airplane toilet

'Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?'

For their new ad, US airline Airtran have recruited Peter Graves to reprise his classic dodgy Captain Oveur role from the Airplane movies. It gives them a chance to get him to seedily mention Turkish prisons again, as he did in the first film.

Unfortunately, that was almost 30 years ago now and an 83 year-old Graves doesn't come across as the kind of pilot you’d have masses of confidence in (insert your own Ryanair jokes at the end please.)

The ad shows a scenario where a group of business colleagues call a meeting during a flight, using the toilet as their conference room. It’s a mark of the grubbiness of our minds here at Bitterwallet that our first impression was that they were heading off for some kind of tightly-packed, mid-air gang bang.

Probably the sort of thing that Captain Oveur would gladly turn a blind eye to. Sky Captain O’Leary would probably slap a £800 charge on it.


  • Nobby
    They even registered
  • zeddy
    Fuck! Peter Graves looks like he'll be headed that way all too soon.

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