Commercial Break - Ronco Special

Christmas is here people – know this. Time to start looking for gifts that are just that little bit different, that carry that stamp of individuality. You need something from this fantastic range of Ronco gifts (and a time machine.)

Here’s Dad, a one-man cyclone of selflessness and cigar fumes saying, “I’m not inconsiderate. I know my cigarette or cigar smoke irritates my family.” So why are you smoking in the bloody car then? Idiot. At least he’s using the Smokeless Ashtray. That’s okay then. (more below)

Get the Smokeless Ashtray and we'll throw in a Glass Froster for free! Just don’t put your fingers in it because it looks like you’ll probably have to get them amputated afterwards.

Buy two Glass Frosters and a Smokeless Ashtray and we’ll throw in a Mr Microphone. It’s ingenious – it’s… like, a microphone. A slightly creepy-sounding microphone.

Enjoy them ALL while listening to a Ronco compilation album. Each one features 16-18 tracks – 3 that you know and love and up to 15 complete stinkers.

Ronco – just where the hell did it all go wrong? Well, it didn’t. They’re still going, albeit following a bankruptcy scare in 2007.

They were founded and ran by Ron Popeil, whose biog says “[Ron] didn’t have a normal childhood, at least not the kind of childhood enjoyed by a lot of us. In fact, he says, he has blotted most of it from his memory.”

Uh oh…

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