Commercial Break: Robocop flogging noodles (yes, of course it's Japan)

It’s a big happy birthday to Robocop actor Peter Weller, who becomes 62 today. Fortunately, we don’t think it’s him starring in this Nissin UFO Noodles ad from Japan. If it is him, Weller, you’ve made yourself look like a prize dick. Chopsticks where your gun should be? Oh. But many happy returns anyway.

While we were investigating the Nissin noodles further, we found their current website. It’s a bit of a headtwister and we haven’t got a Scooby Doo what it’s all about but we spent a good 10 minutes poking around on it. Have you ever spent 10 minutes poking around on Bitterwallet? You should you know – it’s fun.

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