Commercial Break: RIP Billy Mays

The celebs are dropping like flies, people! First Farah Fawcett, then Michael ‘Sir Wackson’ Jackson and now Billy Mays! Yes people, Billy Mays!

What do you mean who be Billy Mays? If you know anything about the United States of Direct Response Advertisements, you’ll know that Billy was the king spokescock. Sadly he was found dead in his home on Sunday morning, only hours after being involved in a complicated and traumatic plane landing. It is not yet known whether the incidents were related.

Billy’s story was the typical rags to riches tale, the kind where the hero starts out by selling a single nut to a squirrel and winds up owning a house shaped like an electric guitar. An unstoppable rise to glory.

But now it’s all over, and Billy has gone. As a tribute to the master of the direct response advertisement, here’s one of Billy Mays’ finest moments, his ad for Mighty Putty. Straight after that comes a magnificent Team Fortress 2 remix of Billy’s spot for Kaboom cleaner, one that we featured here a few weeks ago.

Like Sir Wackson, Billy Mays is gone too soon. RIP.


  • Weiner
    Michael ‘Sir Wackson’ Jackson erm Bitterwallet = Fail
  • James
    I agree with Weiner. 'Sir Wackson' was totally unnecessary. Bitterwallet needs to get someone more professional to write blogs.
  • Josh
    I agree with both of you, the Sir Wackson remark was way over the top. Show some respect please. RIP Billy Mays and Michael Jackson, you're work shall never be forgotten. Respect from the UK.

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