Commercial Break: Rio's extra-curricular fitness contraption shame

Looks like Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand has been using some of his ample injury-caused spare time wisely, developing a new football-based training machine called the SoccerXiser Pro – something that is essentially a cross-trainer with a couple of balls banged on to the bottom of it.

Rio’s even popped up on an American shopping channel, plugging the thing, although the Manchester Red Devils’ captain doesn’t seem as enthused about the wretched contraption as the buoyant fitness-mental host.

It’s all completely real and above board and in no way a cunning viral made by e.on. Oh, alright, it is.


  • PokeHerPete
  • Jack t.
    F hilarious.
  • Nobby
    With all the extra money eon has paid him for that, he'll be able to go shopping again. And have another 8 months off.
  • poo p.
    "Raul Ferdinand from the Manchester Red Devils in London Egland, captain of the UK national soccer team" Absolutely brilliant. Please forward this clip to everyone you know, so that it spreads like wildfire, and everyone can see his humiliation and what a sell-out he is. He probably only got paid the amount earns in 2 hours from his club!
  • shinkyshonky
    W.T.F this is brilliant...surely this is a wind up lol!
  • gleeme
    props to Rio saying its crap (in sum way)
  • name h.
    this is fake, proof watch the last second of the video people.

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