Commercial Break: Rihanna's wacky palindrome perfume ad

You might have watched the Brits last night. You might have been traumatised by the sight of host Humpty Dumpty trying to sniff Justin Bieber. You might have been alarmed by the recurring appearance of riot police. You might have pondered what a worthless lump of old cack the music of Mumford and his so-called ‘Sons’ is.

You might even have marvelled at the semi-naked musical stylings of Rihanna. That’s what we mainly did. So here’s some more of her, in an ‘innovative’ new ad for her own sweet bottled honk. It’s ‘innovative’ because you it works if you play it forwards OR backwards.

You can fanny about with it, running it backwards and forwards over at the official website. Meanwhile, here’s the forwards version, complete with ‘pause’ and ‘stare’ options.


  • Nob
    I would like to explore both sides, as the website puts it.
  • greg
    god i thought that was going to be quite clever when i read the article, but the second half of the add is just her walking backwards, it's crap. nice to have 2 chances to look at those tits tho
  • kv
    thought it was going to be her talking backwards, Twin Peaks style
  • Killer B.
    wow boB woW Seriously? Stoop trying to build up our hopes. It's just a crap clip reversed; they could't even avaoid walking backwards sequences. All in all, about as clever as squeezing the juices out of a fox's musk gland and rubbing them on your neck before you go out trawling the streets.
  • Richard M.
    If you are interested in an actual bit of forwards-backwards cleverness, watch the video for Cibo Matto's "Sugar Water". It is directed by Michel Gondry who is obviously ace and it never fails to impress me.
  • Raoul M.
    The best forwards - backwards video ever made The Pharcyde - Drop. They're walking forwards you say? Yes, but they were walking BACKWARDS when they filmed it.
  • Paul C.
    The Pharcyde 'Drop' video is probably the best, They're also rapping backwards. Try that for starters. That video was made by Spike Jonze aka FatboySlim 'Praise You' auteur, Being John Malkovich director amongst others. I wonder who directed this advert.... did Gondry or Jonze have a hand in it?

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