Commercial Break: Richard Marx and a different kind of 'Hazard'

This might look exactly like one of them wacky spoofs that they have these days but we swear that it isn’t. When we brought you Warren G sitting on the bog, handing out schlong-enhancing pills, we thought we’d scraped the bottom of the barrel. The barrel in question being the one filled with 90s chart stars reduced to making some of the most shameful adverts ever seen.

But no, we hadn't. Here’s Richard Marx – and he’s got a hosepipe up his arse!


  • Jolyon B.
    I always said Richard Marx was full of shit!
  • Rick A.
    You swear that it's not a spoof, except at the end of the video it basically says it is as it's by Rhett and Link...
  • Andy D.
    @Rick Astley - it's from Rhett & Link's TV show, which features funny local ads. Also, the ads that Rhett & Link make are all for genuine companies.
  • Dick
    Why have a colonic when your national dish is curry?
  • Jolyon B.
    I've personally always found 10 pints of Guinness and a kebab good at clearing out your innards

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