Commercial Break: Revealed - the world's best monstermobile

Here’s an odd but touching Spanish ad for Seat, in which a family adopt a monster who feeds on the love of the family. Eventually, he becomes so huge that they can only fit him into a brand new Seat Altea XL. As opposed to say, towing him along in a horse box.

Yes, he feeds himself with love and the more you love him the bigger he grows, but at some point he’s bound to topple over and crush one of the kids to death. Then all that love he’s been feeding on will instantly turn to hate, he’ll shrink down to the size of a wren’s nipple, and you’ll be missing a child AND a monster.

The message here isn’t ‘Buy a new Seat car’ or even 'All you need is love' – rather it’s ‘Don’t ever let anyone get near you. Neither human nor monster. Create emotional barriers everywhere you go. In the end, everyone leaves you. Get over it.’


  • Tom P.
    I also love my monster. The more love i show him, the bigger he gets.
  • Chris M.
    Tom, do you spank your monster when he's naughty?! It's the only way to discipline him sometimes. I love to spank my fat monster.
  • goon
    what a fucking stupid advert

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