Commercial Break: Red nosed gathering of ad world's great and good

As you probably know, it’s Red Nose day. You might be marking the occasion by dressing up like a complete numpty at work, or just dropping some money into a bucket and rewarding yourself by not watching what is normally a pretty ropey night of tellytainment propped up by the aim of fundraising.

Have you donated any cash yet? If not, here’s an easy way to show you care – just text ‘YES’ to 66609 and a fiver will wing its way to Comic Relief. To show their gratitude, the Red Nose people have gathered together some of the most iconic names in British advertising for the first time and asked them to brainstorm some fundraising ideas.

You’ll get to hear the Honey Monster sing. It isn’t quite what you’d expect.


  • acecatcher3
    check the red nose day thread on hotukdeals andy, me and my dad are on the thread, my dad and two other workers have raised £1500 so far between them!! luke
  • magicbeans
  • The B.
    That had the potential to be brilliant but was a complete letdown. Unfortunately the above sentence describes Comic Relief year on year.
  • Martin
    If you want my money, get "Nicole" from the Clio ads to do a striptease.
  • Mr M.
    yes, lets have striptease for red nose - I'd pick Louisa Preston from bbc London
  • laslel
    Oh you guys - you're so witty, managing to turn a charitable event into a further attempt to exploit women. Why aren't I seeing you on the comedy circuit?
  • Allen B.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Like the way we've exploited Katie Price ? Don't make me larf!
  • laslel
    More fool you!

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