Commercial Break: Real, actual funny spoof ads. Get the net!

The spoof ad is a curious old cow, rarely as funny as it thinks it is and ultimately as annoying as getting an out-of-date tub of clotted cream poured down the front of your face.

Here’s a couple that are a cut above though. Some computer wizards have taken voices from the game Team Fortress 2 and applied them to these seemingly innocent ads. The results are outstanding. Some day, Team Fortress 2 will provide the voices for ALL ads…

[Daily What]


  • Tom
    ha ha...
  • pip
    Bored now
  • Gus
  • Maxib0y
    @ Gus It really is if you've played these games to death.
  • Ian
    Thanks, this was really funny.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] But now it’s all over, and Billy has gone. As a tribute to the master of the direct response advertisement, here’s one of Billy Mays’ finest moments, his ad for Mighty Putty. Straight after that comes a magnificent Team Fortress 2 remix of Billy’s spot for Kaboom cleaner, one that we featured here a few weeks ago. [...]

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