Commercial Break: Rapping duck in hen freedom pledge

Did you have eggs for breakfast this morning? Free range were they? Because you do realise that battery hen farming is bad don’t you? Good job we’ve got SIM-only mobile network GiffGaff around – they’re on a mission to eradicate battery hen farming from the planet with their new scheme, and they’ve got a celebrity hen to endorse it. No, not hen, what’s the other one… yeah, a duck.

It’s Orville to be precise, although to be fair he’s taking a backseat and letting his arm-master Keith Harris do most of the work in this not-that-bad-actually rap fiasco. The spiel is that GiffGaff will rehome a battery hen for everyone who unlocks their phone and joins their service. It’s all about unlocking, see?

Mind you, the terms and conditions say that the hen-rehoming figure is limited to 1,000. And they’re doing NOTHING for the ducks.


  • The B.
    That was actually enough to make me want to ditch GiffGaff and go back to Vodafone, I'd rather have shit reception and pay through the nose than have to watch that again.
  • Dick
    A freedom pledge from a man who has made a career out of inserting his hand into a duck's arse.
  • Boris
    I have a friend that gets battery hens that are beyond their 'useful life' and re-homes them. Usually they would end up in cat or dog food but thanks to her they get a few more years of life; well two out of the many millions do anyway. Mostly they peck each others eyes out or try to punture each others throats because of the new environment - can't cope with the freedom and look for a way back in the cage; it's the only life they know. Sadly she also has three cats so provides a market for the bodies for the others and is therfore susidising the battery farm industry anyway; silly cow. True story.
  • JonB
    Maybe it's Keith Harris' swan song?

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