Commercial Break: Rapidly power-pumping our way to ubermuscle fitness!

Here at Bitterwallet, we’re all as fit as butchers’ dogs. Every morning, before a single word has been typed, we each undertake a complex and challenging series of thrusts, squats, gurns, pulls, power-twitches and star jumps. As they say, a healthy body makes a healthy brain and a healthy brain makes a shit-hot website.

So here we are, and after seeing this ad, we’re not sure what the way forward is. Because this is a revolution in manly exercise. It’s the Shake Weight.

It’s based on the amazing new workout system known as ‘Dynamic Inertia’ but to the untrained eye it just looks like a wobbly dumb bell… or a pneumatic wanking toy.

But it isn’t that – it’s the Shake Weight and it’s almost guaranteed to make you ripped, creased, curled and woven, along with all them other words that bodybuilding freaks like Squad Bitterwallet like to use. Pass the steroid juice, we feel a power-session coming on…!


  • Maude
    Aussie from LA: "I haven't had a pump like this for a long time" - I don't believe him, he's gorgeous, who wouldn't want to pump him? Voiceover: "Tested up to 4 million reps" - at that rate, wouldn't that be something like five minutes of use?
  • Mike U.
    I wonder how many of them have strapped it to their C**** to get the burn!!!
  • Emma
    Oh i enjoyed that video. Quite a lot.

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